Relationship Problem


Relationships are an inevitable part of our lives, and when we talk about husband-wife relationships, it becomes all the more important to make it cordial and genuine. It takes the efforts from both to build a foundation of the lifelong partnership with the ingredients of understanding, respect, communication, trust, love and care. However, couples do face hurdles and patchy roads on this journey. They become clueless as to how to break the loop of negativity which brings in trust, loyalty and understanding issues. This is where astrologers like Dr. Ishika come into the picture and help in getting the clarity in matters of the heart, solving the communication problems, or addressing the compatibility concerns. By analyzing the unique astrological profiles of both individuals, the astrologer sheds light on the underlying energies and influences at play within your relationship. This knowledge empowers you to better understand each other’s needs, desires, and compatibility, fostering a deeper connection and harmony. With the access to comprehensive relationship reports, you get to look in depth and get mentally prepared to navigate through the challenges you may be facing. The astrologer equips you with the practical guidance by identifying patterns, astrological transits, and planetary influences that impact your relationship. This helps in uncovering the root causes of any discord which ultimately direct you to making informed decisions and take proactive steps to heal and strengthen your bond.

Divorce related problem

  • Separation
  • Don’t want to stay together
  • How much time will take place to complete the divorce or to postpone the divorce
  • Hearing result
  • No fruitful result in divorce case
  • Helping them to get rid of the Hearing dates
  • How to tackle the situation

Most commonly faced challenges by couples are:

  •  No conversation between husband-wife
  • Having no trust on each other
  • Suspect on each other, understanding Issue
  •  Lack of  love and affection between husband and wife
  • No agreement and connection between couple
  • Keeping avoiding each other