Career related Problem


Now a days it is very difficult to earn money or even to manage the living with the current invoice, that is why it is always said that choose your career wisely so that in future there
should be not be a problem. Being an astrologer, we help by the chart.

  • which career to choose as per one’s skills and personality?

  • What sort of job will give name and fame?
  • what is the best time to switch to another career?

Increment and Promotion

  • What is the best time to get Increment and promotion?
  • which job will give them promotion, or weather to switch towards business or still remain in job
  • What is the right time to change the job.

Business and Gain

  • Helping them to choose the business, when to start the
    business and what sort of business one should do ?
  • When business will give result?
  • which business to start and when to start?
  • A business should be from within the country or out of the country

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