Money and Property


   Life starting from Birth till death is a long journey filled with joy and sorrow. Where everyone has some responsibilities.

An Earning man always wants to get rid on installments and rent.

  • We help the client letting them know that how can they build their own home
  • When to buy a home that would be fruitful to them?
  • Which property to buy that will give better result in future?
  • Weather to buy the property or not?
  • Weather invest the money in property or somewhere else?


Every one wants to have enough money for a better living and in case of emergency. Normally we say the more you have money the more you have glow on your face. Inspite of thousands of business and job there is a big span of population those are unable to make their living. These all are the planets decision or the Karma of previous birth. So we as a astrologer help Unable people in doing some remedies. So that at least they can manage their living and live a happy life.

  • We solve problem like
  • Unable to save money
  • No fix source of money
  • How to multiple money
  • How to get blocked money
  • Someone is not returning your money
  • Money comes and go but Luxmi does not stay with them


Earlier Loan use to be a disrespectful word but now a days it has become a need Of everyone.  Everyone need loan for their own property, their first home, to increase their business and to be a part of start ups. 

  • How to pay off the debt and When to pay it off?
  • How long it will take to pay off the loan ?
  • When will they get the loan?
  • Will that loan be fruitful or not?
  • Weather to go for loan or not?

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