Marriage and Children problem


We always consider that marriage is the most beautiful dream of a woman. It becomes successful when She finds her right men and it always becomes dangerous when someone is not able to adjust in most of the manners weather it a Boy or a Girl.

We help in choosing the right life partner with whom life becomes more beautiful. An Astrologer comes in the picture when planets are not at right place or we are not going according to the nature Suspecting husband wife on each other.

  • Not ready to listen each other
  • No Love between the couple
  • No respect between the couple
  • Not ready to live together

Post marriage love always increase when new baby comes in the beautiful word. After all baby is always called a best creation of the God as infant does not have sense of envy, greed or Revenge. God always send the one with smile and love that everyone understands by birth.

We have a solution of all of these problems
  • What is the right time to conceive
  • How to increase the sperm count coz now a days problems are at bot the end; females are facing challenge in monthly cycle and males are facing the challenge with sperm count.
  • With the help of planetary positions, we find out why a couple is not able to conceive
  • What precautions to take when no abortion takes place
  • When to conceive

Child Birth Issue

  • Not having baby
  • Miscarriage
  • Problem in conceive
  • what is the right time to conceive.
  • Remedies and how to do it.


Child future

  • Know your child future
  • Stubborn child
  • Doing what he or she wants to do
  • Not agree on any point
  • Disobedient child