Health Issue

Now a days Health has become the most neglected part of our life. It is always said “Pratham Sukh Nirogi Kaya”. However, people are in their comfort zone, due to hectic lifestyle no one has time to take care of their health. Every individual is busy in managing their wealth; till the time it gets stable he finds health is out of control. And then he tries to get solutions for the health issues by consulting doctors and astrologers.

It is important that a Doctor and an Astrologer keeps on enhancing the knowledge, without it they can not solve the difficult situations. So being an astrologer we keep studying the planetary impacts in depth to find out which planet affect which disease.

We have solved many cases where doctors were not able to solve the health issue, because everything was happening due to planetary positions. There have been situations, where doctors have discussed case studies with us and we have worked on health issues in alliance to find the solutions.

Planets are not static, they are always moving. They are the cause of both health problem and Solution.Sometimes medicines don’t work only small “upaay” works. One should always consult with as Astrologer if he does not find cure for any disease.

Depression Issue

We are in an era where there is at least one depression patient in every family. Due to the demanding lifestyles, we tend to miss out on the symptoms that the affected person shows in daily life. One should think and keep noticing what is happening amongst our family members.

Stomach Related Issue

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle everyone is become prey of health issue, majorly stomach issues.

Blood Pressure Problem

High BP and Low BP patients are at every home. It is easy to say and difficult to survive this type of disease


After marriage everyone wants to have a baby so that he or she can have a small famility. But due to the persisting health issue. Normal delivery and on time conceiving is very difficult. Either one is not able to conceive or facing delivery issue.

Delivery Problem

Every mother wants her infant to be in safe hands and should be delivered by experienced and expert person, but still they face challenges. Being as astrologer we help them at the time of delivery in form of prayer and prediction of time to get the delievery done.

Eye Sight Problem

Most of the population are suffered from weak eye sight. they are wearing spectacles since childhood.

Gastric Problem

Due to the unhygienic food and poor lifestyle, gastric problem is on the top. Earlier gas problem used to come in the picture after the age of 55 when an old person takes time to digest food. Now a days after 20 years age, every one has a same problem and gastric attack are quiet normal.